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Growing up in South Florida, there is literally nothing I love more than spending a day at the beach, on a boat, or at the pool. Unfortunately though, there are several harmful effects that these activities have on our body. For example, we all know how detrimental the sun’s rays can be to our skin, or how damaging and drying chlorine can be for our hair.

Because of this, I’ve compiled a [short] list for you all to let you know what skin + hair products I turn to to minimize the negative effects of summertime. This post is not sponsored in any way, and all of these items are products that I have used myself and truly love.

Shampoo & Conditioner
I’ve told you guys about my favorite shampoo and conditioner before, but it’s time to tell you again because it’s really that good. I have been using ArtNaturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for about 6 months now and unless you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on salon grade shampoo and conditioner (which I definitely can’t afford) – this is the next best thing.

This particular formula is made with argan oil, aloe vera, green tea, kukui seeds, macadamia nut oil, lavender oil, algae and kelp extracts, which nourishes your scalp while promoting hair growth. It’s also sulfate and paraben free, and helps protect against DHT (aka it helps prevent hair loss). I have been using this to help combat hair dryness from constantly being in the ocean or the pool, and have definitely noticed a difference. It also smells incredible and leaves hair feeling soft and silky. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews.

Hair Oils
Hair oils are great for those times that you just want to give your hair a little extra TLC. My current favorite is the Ulyana Aster Garden Rose Organic Oil Hair Mask. For starters, I am obsessed with anything rose scented. Secondly, this mask is loaded with essential oils (rose, macadamia, camelia, flaxseed and coconut), plus other natural ingredients to moisturize, replenish, soften and add volume to your hair.

I literally only used one of these so far and was blown away by the results. They also make a Raw Youth Hair Mask, and a Summer Vibes Hair Mask. Or you can click here to read the benefits of each of these oils for yourself.

Daily Face Sunscreen
My absolute favorite face sunscreen is The Treatment’s On The Daily SPF 45. I apply this every morning after my face wash routine and before my makeup. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It has zinc oxide and octinoxate for UVA and UVB protection, in addition to niacinaminde (vitamin B3), vitamin E, knotweed extract (an antioxidant), and hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and protected from free radicals and oxidative damage.

Basically it’s a sunscreen that also protects your skin and helps keep it looking youthful. Another plus, it’s very reasonably priced. Head to to see what other amazing products Erin Jensen (@TheTreatment) has created!

Body Sunscreen
Sun Bum’s SPF 50 Original Sunscreen Lotion is my current go to sunscreen for several reasons. The first reason? I like the packaging. The other reasons? It’s oil free, paraben free, PABA free, cruelty free (100% vegan), and reef friendly (oxybenzone and octinoxate free). On top of that it contains moisturizers and vitamin E to promote healthy skin, and it’s water resistance up to 80 minutes. There is a spray version as well if you prefer those to rub on sunscreens.

I used this when Erik and I got scuba certified and we didn’t burn – at all.  They also make a Face Stick that I’m obsessed with (it’s small and easy to carry) and a Mango Chapstick (also comes in Coconut and Pineapple) that keeps my lips sun protected as well.

Face Makeup
I have been using the Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen for the past few weeks and I am hooked. It’s basically a mineral powder to give your skin a matte finish after you’ve applied your makeup, and it is SPF 30 as well. I use this throughout the day to keep my skin looking smooth and oil free, and to make sure I am constantly re-applying sunscreen.

It not only blocks UVA and UVB rays, but contains red algae extract to provide antioxidant protection as well. It comes in SPF 30 or 50, and in fair, medium, tan, or deep skin tones. They’re $65 each, but if you buy 3 together from their website you get a significant discount.

Face Serum
I truly believe that every single person should be using a face serum, and there are plenty of options out there to choose from. I have 3 that I alternate between, but my favorite right now is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum. This stuff is gold. I put this on almost nightly after washing my face and before my night cream and I notice a huge difference in my skin every morning.

Not only does this help hydrate your skin while you sleep, but it also helps improve firmness and elasticity, and reduces blotchy skin for a more even skin tone.  Oh yea, and it smells like heaven.

Face Shield
Remember when visors were in and everyone had one? Well, the Bluestone Sun Shields are the new cool thing to wear this summer. They were created by individuals with over 20 years combined experience in dermatology, cosmetic lasers, and anti-aging treatments, and can be worn either as a visor, or pulled down over your face for maximum sun protection. I personally wear mine when lounging by the pool to make sure I really am blocking as many harmful rays as possible. Here are the different shields they sell.

So, there you have it, all of my summer skin and hair necessities. If you give any of them a shot I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!



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