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This blog is sponsored by Summer’s Eve ® but the content and opinions expressed are my own. #sponsored #ad

When you can’t take one step outside without instantly starting to perspire you know it’s officially summertime. Of course, there are certain things we can do to combat heat, like wearing loose fitting or light colored clothing, making sure you stay hydrated, and staying indoors during peak sunlight hours. But if we do get a little sweaty, what can we do to freshen up?

I have a few solutions, and I have partnered with my favorite women’s cleansing brand Summer’s Eve, to share them with you. All products discussed have been tested by me, and all opinions are completely my own.

One of my favorite products they make is the Simply Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash. The reason I liked them initially was because they are made with simple ingredients, without any dyes, parabens, or alcohol. On top of that, they are infused with botanical extracts and have great scents that are inspired by nature; These include Lavender Chamomile, Coconut Water, and Cucumber Lilly. Each one smells amazing in its own way, but I think my favorite is the Lavender Chamomile.

Want to know my favorite part about these Cleansing Washes for us women? They remove odor causing bacteria and are balanced to our natural pH. For cleansing our lady parts, they are formulated for mildly acidic pH. This helps cleanse without causing any irritation. Their products are all specifically made for those with sensitive skin.

Another product they make which I love as well are the Simply Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths. They are made with the same (safe) ingredients as the Cleansing Washes, but can be taken with you wherever you might need them. I personally have been using these after the gym or if I’ve been running around all day long, and they definitely keep me feeling fresh, clean and confident throughout the day.

As the trusted leader in feminine care (and I can totally see why) Summer’s Eve ® is known for creating personal care products that are gynecologist and dermatologist tested for safety. Small bonus? They never test on animals, and some of their packaging is even recyclable. I know from experience living in south Florida, that it takes minimal effort to get sweaty when you would really prefer not to be; These products definitely make it a bit easier to feel clean and confident throughout the day.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, I definitely recommend doing so! Learn more about the line with my link here.


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