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Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Season is [arguably] the “most wonderful time of the year”, for most. For others, it can be somewhat stressful trying to pick out gifts while simultaneously attending classes, studying for exams, and preparing to travel. I usually like to do most, if not all, of my shopping online, so to help you guys out I have put this quick little gift guide together for those of you procrastinators out there (like myself).

I have split it up based on price, so you can easily find something in your budget, and there are things in here for both men and women to enjoy. Most of the links are to things I either own or have purchased before, so I can give you actual information about them. I have also linked mostly to Amazon because of the fast shipping if you are a prime member (I am in no way sponsored by them), but most of the other items will arrive on time as well. I hope that it is helpful and that you all find something to suit your needs!

Gifts Under $25

1. My FAVORITE Slippers: These slippers are hands down the softest things I own, and I wear them all the time. Not to mention they come in a ton of colors and are a really great conversation starter. They have girly options and manly ones too (My little brother got a pair as part of his birthday gift and can vouch for how awesome they are).

2. Watch Display Organizer: This is the perfect gift to give to the men in your life. It’s affordable, classy, and functional for anyone you know who owns watches. If you don’t believe me, just read the reviews on this awesome watch box – you can thank me later.

3. Coffee Accessories: There aren’t many people I know who don’t like coffee, so you can pretty much get coffee products for anyone out there. My favorite is this coffee tumbler from that I bring to work with me daily (you can find it in my Breast Cancer Awareness article as well because it’s PINK!). It comes in several colors (gold and rose gold as well) and is my favorite. Pair it with a nice holiday coffee set for the perfect gift.

4. Tea Accessories: For the few of you who don’t like coffee, or prefer tea to get your caffeine fix, one of my favorite items is this tea infuser teapot. It can be gifted solo, or with different tea sets to make it more personal. If you prefer the quick tea method, this set is super affordable and comes with multiple flavor options. If you like tea on the go, this tumbler is actually pretty awesome (but just over $25), and lastly, this cute little guy is a great socking stuffer for the tea lovers in your life.

5. Natural Deodorant: If you read my article on natural deodorants, you would already know which one won my “sniff test.” If you didn’t, go read it now (or whenever you have time). And also, the answer is Schmidt’s Naturals. Not only do they have an assortment of different scents, but they all actually work. The best part about it is they have a holiday 3 scent pack!  You can also buy the travel size packs so you can test out different scents (both regular and for sensitive skin) – but these fall in the under $50 category instead.

6. MantraBand Bracelets: The MantraBand Bracelets are literally perfect stocking stuffers for everyone you know, especially those in the healthcare profession. It’s always nice to look down at your wrist to find a little encouraging phrase. They come in 3 colors (silver, gold, and rose gold), are super affordable, and shipping is free to anywhere in the US. (P.S. Mug pictured is from Williams Sonoma).

7. Random Awesome Things: If you haven’t heard of Jac Vanek before, now is the time. She is my all time favorite human because she is equally as sarcastic as I am, and it shows in her merchandise. She sells everything from drinkwear, to candles, to clothing (or other accessories)- all of which are awesome. Just look around her site; I’m sure you will find something to purchase (I think I own 30% of her store already).

Gifts Under $50

1. Capri Blue Candle: If you guys have been following me since the beginning, you’ll remember me raving about my all time favorite candle: and yes, it still is. Everyone needs one of these Volcano Candles in their home, so if you don’t have one yet now is the time. Your friends and family will also appreciate you for gifting this to them.  They also have reed diffusers with the same scent, and believe me, I have both.

2. Deborah Lippman Nail Polish Set: I don’t know about you, but when it’s fall/winter – all of my warm nude nail polishes come out. I also can’t commit to one color for more than 2 weeks. So what better gift than a nail polish set with all of the perfect colors. This one is limited edition, and worth every cent. Great to give as a gift (or keep for yourself).

3. S’well Water Bottle: If you are environment friendly and like to help save water bottles, this gift is for you. It can be used to keep things hot, cold, or any temperature in between. I usually take mine with me to work and to the gym so I always have water on hand to remind myself to stay hydrated. They come in a million options, but what’s better than this champagne one for the holidays? Cheers!

4. Decanters: While decanters are typically seen in bars, or on bar carts, they can really be beautiful statement pieces in any kitchen as well. This one is my favorite because you can have it personalized to any letter you want. If you want something a little more festive, this one and this one are absolutely gorgeous (but not monogrammed). Orrr this if you want something for wine instead. Just make sure the check the date of delivery before placing an order if you are planning on customizing something.

Gifts Under $100

1. WearFigs Lounge-wear Set: If there is one thing you spend over $50 on this Holiday Season, this should definitely be it. They have one for women and one for men. Words alone are not enough to describe how ridiculously soft this lounge wear set is. I have already had to wash it twice since receiving it (I might even need to get a second pair, + one for the boyfriend). Get this and the slippers listed above for the perfect cozy Sunday gift set.

2. The BEST Planner: I have been using the Erin Condren Life Planner for the past year and am getting ready to purchase a second one for 2018. The biggest decision I have to make now is what color to get (the options are literally endless). If you aren’t in a rush, you have the option of customizing it entirely, you can even put your name on it. But, if you need is ASAP, they have the hardbound options from other sellers with faster shipping.

3. Outdoor Planter: If you want to plant herbs and vegetables in your backyard, but don’t have someone to help you build one (like I did), Amazon has an identical pre-made raised planter that you just have to assemble. And if you don’t want a raised one but still want to plant some herbs, this planter is an awesome option as well.

4. Amazon Echo: This is one of those things that you don’t think you need until you have one. I use my Amazon Echo all. the. time. It plays music, it tells you about the weather, it even adds things to your shopping cart simply by telling Alexa to add it. It’s currently on sale for 79.99, but if you still want to spend a little less you can always get an Echo Dot ($29.99). I promise whoever you get this one for will love you forever.

Gifts Over $100

1. A New Stethoscope: My favorite stethoscope (which I use daily) is the Medelita ERKA stethoscope. I LOVE this stethoscope because it is less expensive than its Littman counterpart, yet works as good if not better. I have the ERKA Precise and the ERKA Sensitive, so I can attest to the fact that they all work amazingly well. They currently have 25% off everything, and are doing daily giveaways as well @medelita_gram on Instagram.

2. A New Watch: My all time favorite watch brand has new HOLIDAY gift sets (which gives you 10% off what the cost would have been individually). These include a watch + strap, or a watch + bracelet. There are numerous holiday set options, so I’m sure you will be able to find one for anyone. On top of that, I reached out to them to get you an additional coupon code. Use: DOCTORDIARIES for an additional 15% off. You’re welcome.

3. Scrub Set: the best scrubs I have worn this year are the Medelita Element Scrubs. the material is breathable and so comfortable, the color options are great, and the accent ties are super fun. I had mine embroidered with my name and specialty to look extra “official.” As stated above, Medelita currently has 25% off everything so don’t walk, run, to their site to check them out. (TheeMiranda B Lab Coat is also the best out there).

4. School/Work Bag: This Dagne Dover bag has literally been my lifesaver for the past 2 years. It has separate sleeves for my laptop and water bottle, a key hook so I never loose my keys, and a ton of other pockets for pretty much anything you need. The straps are extremely sturdy and have held up to the 30 pounds of random things that I carry around daily. It comes in different colors and different sizes and I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this bag; it’s a dream. Plus they have FREE expedited shipping from now until Tuesday.

I hope this article was somewhat helpful for you all! Good luck shopping and Happy Holidays!