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The Art[naturals] of Self Love

To me, how well you care for yourself should reflect how well you will care for others. As a physician, it’s important for me to eat well, exercise, and be healthy on a daily basis, not only for myself but for my patients. When you feel like you can conquer the world, you totally will. That brings me to the next thing; aside from good skin care, I place a fairly large emphasis on my hair care routine. There are so many tips I could give you guys that I have learned over the years about what to do for longer stronger hair (not to mention it totally helps that my mom is a hair stylist), but I’ll start with the basics.

I wanted to share the new shampoo and conditioner duo I have been using with you all because I believe that a good wash regimen really is the basis to healthy locks. I think what you put on your body is equally as important as what you put in your body (check out my natural deodorant post for more info on that topic as well).

With that said, finding good, natural, hair care products isn’t always easy. The Artnaturals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner set originally caught my eye because of the all natural ingredients. Aside from that, it is paraben free and sulfate free (both have shown to be damaging to hair, especially colored hair), and as an added bonus, it’s produced in Morocco (where my Grandmother is from!).

Once I actually tried the products, I really fell in love. The shampoo is lightweight and smells like heaven in a bottle (it’s hard to put my finger on the exact scent but really, it smells like cleanliness, and heaven). I followed the instructions and left it on for a few minutes and only had to do one wash and rinse for my hair to feel like it was completely clean. The conditioner smells like a refreshing piƱa colada, with hints of vanilla and coconut, and is a nice lightweight formula.

Once I rinsed it out my hair felt ridiculously soft. I will say I was impressed with the way my hair dried on its own, and even better when blow dried. There was no greasy oily residue that some conditioners leave over, and yet my hair still felt silky smooth. I have used the shampoo and conditioner numerous times now and I am impressed with the outcome every time.

Over the past few weeks I have gotten several direct messages about what hair products I use, and how I get my hair to grow as long as it is, so I figured I would start by sharing the basics. I am working on a separate blog post where I will discuss some other tips and tricks about hair care (and hair growth secrets), but for now I highly recommend trying this stuff out. They have some other products on their website (an Argan Leave in Conditioner and Argan Thermal Shield) that I will be purchasing to add to my regimen, so I’ll keep you posted on those as well!


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